Google Spreadsheets Quick tips

Google Spreadsheets Tips & Tricks 1. Extract URL from an Hyperlink The formula use in D2 is =REGEXEXTRACT(FORMULATEXT(A2); C2)The Regex is (http.*)”;” 2. Import JSON data into your spreadsheets There is an article here that explique how to do 3. Link data between 2 sheets Todo so you can use the formula =VLOOKUP(D2,List!A:B,2,0)

How to force response json format for GPT4

In the payload, we need to ask in the content to get a response in jsonand in the body of the api request we need to add “response_format”: { “type”: “json_object” } To be able to use the json format, the content send must include the notion of json. var request = require(‘request’); var options […]

I created a video avatar of me with heygen

Using the tool heygen, I was able to create this avatar. This is quite funny !I recorded a 30secondes videos in french to train an avatar. This is the result in english. The fun fact is that my voice is not so deep and I don’t speak english as good as on the video. 

Upscale an image with an open source software

1. Method 1: Max image resolution enhancer Repository:   1.1 Launch the server command: docker run -it -p 5000:5000 codait/max-image-resolution-enhancerThis create a local webserver on on url http://localhost:5000 Limitation: (Required) An image file (RGB/HWC).The ideal image size is 500×500 or smaller, and the best results are observed using a PNG image. Images with dimensions over 2000×2000 are not […]